Other works from Rene' Collier: (non-fiction pen name: Rene' Zimbelman, short story entitled: The Right Kind of Kick)

As a nine-year-old freckled kid, I sat on my bed and wrote a story about a girl named Bridget. Problem was, I only got one or two paragraphs into it before I was stuck. Already I'd run into the what every writer experiences...writer's block. I just didn't know how to develop her story! So, eventually, I put it away and moved on to other things. 

I wrote plenty of essays and short stories in college, enjoyed writing website and promotional copy for a cable television network in Los Angeles, and even co-founded a band in Austin, TX, where I wrote and sang lyrics, but it wasn't until I was well into my thirties that I decided to sit down and pen a novel.

Little did I know finishing Livy's story would prove as challenging as starting Bridget's, but, eventually, Livy led me to the final chapter, and now she can live her life with a measure of contentment she never knew before...and so can I.

Rene' Collier